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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance was standardized into specific Forms while back. In this case, a Form is not a piece of paper with a series of boxes to be filled out. It is the name of a standardized homeowners insurance policy. Commonly used Forms include the DP1, DP3, HO3, HO5 and HO6. HO6 is mainly for Condos, not for stand-alone homes.

Some properties are more difficult to insure than others. Clients with prior claims, or ins some locations may require a specialized policy. Properties in the mountain areas recently became more difficult to insure due to a new statistical indicator known as FireLine. This indicator is based on the natural terrain, including the shape of the lot and the tendency for natural brush to grow. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to dispute this number. You are pretty much going to be stuck with it.

This policy type also covers your personal possessions. However, most standard forms in California have sub-limits on certain items, and it is probably best to discuss this in depth with a knowledgeable agent.

There are a lot of variables in your policy, and most people have little to no idea what they are for. Make sure that you review ALL of the variables on your policy. When you have a claim, it will be too late to make a change.

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